When you visit a place with lakes around it or drive through a road with rivers along with it, what will you think about? Kayaks should be in one of your thinking lists.

Kayaking or kayaks is the use of a kayak for moving across the water and can be regarded as an outdoor activity, specialized sport, or just even a kind of entertainment. Kayaks can be achieved by sitting facing forward on a boat with legs in the front position and using a double-bladed paddle back and forth in a rotational way to exert force on the water, resulting in the actual movement of the boat. Kayaks is best done in still water or lake areas due to its low-to-the-water characteristic, as it may be easily turned over by waves or even minor tides generated by passing yacht or ship.

There are numerous rules or guidelines to help you achieve maximum efficiency from your kayaks paddling movements or stokes. One of the crucial rules is to align your paddle vertical to the water’s surface if you want to head straight than just turning around and waste a lot of energy. When the time comes for you to actually turn other directions, just utilize the contrary rule. Sweep right if you want to turn left, and sweep left if you want to turn left. These kayaks paddling and sweeping actions require practices as you will become much familiar with them and understand the correlation between these actions and actual boat movement.

Consider hiring a coach or instructor to further improve your kayaks paddling posture and lower the energy loss in the unintended movements to increase your efficiency to its maximum. Start from still water like lakes first, and then move on to rivers when you feel much confident and obtain certain degrees of familiarity. You will start to enjoy the delightfulness the kayaks brings you in no time.