The current state of the world — brimming with doom, gloom, and uncertainty — means finding fulfillment, peace, and pleasure has become more important than ever. There’s no doubt that the pandemic has clearly disrupted life even more than it already was, but nonetheless the world must still soldier on.

People have a lot of uncertainty in important areas of their lives, such as health and finances. Here at All for Street we’re all about pointing out ways you can find joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment in your personal, financial, business, and health life.

Things To Keep In Mind When Going Through Tough Times

If you haven’t had the best week, or month, or year, don’t worry — you aren’t alone. It can be a crazy world, for everyone. Tough times can’t be avoided, so it’s best to be prepared and learn some truths that will help you weather whatever storm you’re confronted with. Below are several of these truths.

Trust In Yourself — Whatever Happens, You Can Handle It

A lot of people underestimate their ability for dealing with hardships in life. They create a story of how if ‘that’ happened, they would be no way they could cope with it. However, when actually confronted by a significant life crisis or major adversity, people in fact find within themselves a much better capability for handling the challenge than they’d ever imagined. Reflect back on your ancestors and the many struggles they undoubtedly went through. Our modern world has made life much easier for most of us. If the people in your family’s past survived and thrived, you can to.

It’s said that trusting yourself might not change your experiences in life, but it certainly will change your experience of life. The more you believe that ‘I’ve got this,’ the sooner you actually will.

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Life Doesn’t Happen to You, It Happens for You

If all the things you had ever wanted had gone just as planned, you certainly would’t be even half the person you are today. You may not have chosen your present situation, but it holds a quiet invitation for you to develop and grow into much more of the person you want to, and can, be.

Hardships possess a way of bringing out elements of our humanity — talents, strengths, and deeper dimensions of our being — that we wouldn’t normally access. So it’s best to try to learn to accept and embrace those uncomfortable and unpleasant emotions for the opportunities they carry to grow and learn in entirely new ways. Recognize that though an experience may be difficult, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s negative. In some cases the absolute worst thing that happened to you can end up being one of the very best things.

Together We Are Braver Than We Can Ever Be Alone

There is a saying that a burden shared is a burden halved. While that might be a slight exaggeration, it is certainly true that a burden shared is a burden that is at least lightened. Some studies, including the Harvard Longitudinal Study, determined that people who had good social connections were more resistant and resilient when the pressures of life mounted compared to people lacking those connections.

People being who they are, frequently when experiencing a difficult time we may be inclined to distance ourselves from the very people who might be the ones to assist us in geting through the ordeal more effectively. This is why it’s essential to not let a concern with looking needy or weak keep you from reaching out and revealing what is going ono in your life.

Contacting other people during your own instances of vulnerability will lift you up and help you push through those initial days with much more strength and resilience than you would otherwise have.

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Faith Won’t Remove Your Problems, but It Will Transform Them

As you move forward in life, you can’t connect the dots ahead of you — you can only do that in hindsight, looking back. That means you need to keep your faith that no matter how difficult your current situation is, in the longer arch of time you’ll see how the dots connect.

Putting faith in a higher power won’t rid you of your challenges, but it can alter your relationship to them. Boldly having faith that in the long run everything will work out for you will widen your bandwidth for seeing the good in life and making the best of all your challenges.

Understand That It Is Okay Not to Feel Okay

If you’re the type of person that feels bad about feeling bad, you need to allow yourself to not feel like everything is just wonderful, all day long, each and every day. It’s possible to acknowledge things aren’t going smoothly, and still remain a positive person.

Your emotions — good or bad — are authentic and should be validated. Masking, minimizing, or denying complex, troublesom emotions that arise naturally when experiencing conflicts won’t make them vanish. Instead, that approach simply makes them get buried deeper — to the point that they will ultimately be expressed in destructive and detrimental ways. In other words, you shouldn’t beat yourself up for not always feeling high energy and upbeat.

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The Fastest Thing That Robs Your Peace of Mind Is Fear

The more uncertain your future is, the more likely you will be to turn your forecasts into fearcasts — you’ll imagine all sorts of troubles and issues in your near future. The human brain is wired to cautiously focus more on potential losses than on possibly unattainable potential gains. Because of this, the majority of your fears of worst-case outcomes don’t ever actually come to pass. The solution is to live your worry just once, then put your focus on what is facing you today. Then tomorrow, do the same things again.